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Copy of R+D

Astudio are architects that leave the place better than we found it. Our courage in the pursuit new ways to reduce carbon and change behaviours gained us the coveted title of Architectural Practice of the Year in 2012. This unprecedented achievement led us to establish our Research and Development group whose role is to investigate new ways of seeing and thinking about the challenges we face in the industry. With this group we cross boundaries taking us out of Architecture and understand how working with different fields of expertise can help us solve sustainable construction in new ways. We look to the future to propose workable solutions today.

Our research lies at the intersection of sustainability, technology and design, and is broadly categorised into the following areas:

  •   Future Cities
  •   Digital Technology and Specialist Modelling
  •   Environment and Sustainability

We develop research and development through collaboration.

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Future Cities

By 2050, the human population will have surpassed 9 billion people with 70 per cent of the world’s inhabitants living in cities. With the collective impact of industrial processes, this growth will strain our existing urban infrastructures and natural resources to unprecedented degree. 
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Digital Technology and Specialist Modelling

At astudio our work is informed by detailed research, testing and analysis. We apply digital tools and technological innovation to propose new solutions to complex challenges. Our specialist team offers expertise in environmental performance analysis, design optimisation, parametric design, visualisation and BIM.
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Environment and Sustainability


Sustainability is embedded in the way we design buildings- from optimising the orientation to incorporative innovative sustainability measures that unite communities through design. We consider the whole life of the building – whether new or retrofit – proposing buildings that ‘touch the ground lightly’ and are cost effective. 
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We believe that cross-disciplinary collaboration is the solution to unlocking the complex issues of future sustainability. We think it is necessary to look for answers further afield than our introverted building industry, involving disciplines that can provide new perceptions and solutions to help drive change.
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