Copy of Our Story

astudio's story

"…they listen, understand and deliver"

We set out to be leaders in the industry, and we are delighted to have been awarded Architectural Practice of the Year by Building magazine in recognition of our work.

We are astudio full of talented people, with strong pedigrees. The idea that the spark of genius that is needed for every project can come from anyone within the team means that we all have a place of significance within the studio. We have grown as our work has become more recognised and that has taken us to an international level, working across 4 continents, and so we travel where our work takes us.

We have a reputation for being able to listen to the most diverse group of stakeholders in a project and bring them together to shape the project as one voice. This demands skills that are often outside that of the typical architect and we enjoy surprising and delighting our clients with an approach that is as refreshing as it is successful. We can sketch, build models and we can all draw in 3 dimensions as well as being able to document our projects using BIM and use these skills to present our work effectively.

We value the place architectural education holds in the industry and work closely with universities to help students get to understand the challenges of the industry from both a project and a professional perspective.  We like to nurture talented people and see them prosper within our studio environment