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Digital Technology and Specialist Modelling

At astudio our work is informed by detailed research, testing and analysis. We apply cutting-edge digital tools and technological innovation to propose new solutions to complex challenges. Our specialist team offers expertise in environmental performance analysis, design optimisation, parametric design, visualisation and BIM.

astudio is at the forefront of BIM innovation and collaboration. We have embraced the use of BIM in our day-to- day operations and we are pioneering the use of this technology from the initial design phase and massing studies, to the planning and the construction phase. We are true collaborators, working with consultants, clients and contractors towards developing the facilities management phases of the life cycle of the BIM Model.

Our work includes the development and utilisation of BIM viewer tools, web applications, 3D printing technology, augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D scanning to improve the visualisation of our proposals and facilitate design decisions.