Newhall primary


Newhall Primary

An innovative modular housing approach, servicing housing need within the borough of Barking. It delivers on design quality, programme and cost efficiency, sustainability and flexibility. 

Sugden Way uses amodular off-site prefabricated housing system, designed to address London’s affordable housing immediate shortage. The project ensures a rapid deliverable and cost-efficient answer for socially rented apartments.

Compliant with the old Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4, the design seeks to limit energy and water usage and wastage by using well controlled manufacturing and installation methods.

The environmental performance is tested in a factory setting. The resultant homes are low energy, highly insulated and acoustically sound. The modular building system reduces programme length by up to 50% and save over 75% in on-site time.

The solution enables flexibility in both module arrangement and façade treatment which takes its cue from the surrounding context of the residential brick properties.



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Project Data:

Client: BeFirst London
Location: Sugden Way, Barking Manufacturer: Rollalong
Area: 13 homes
Budget: £3.4M
Completion: 2019
Scope: 0-7