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Wigan Life Centre

Civic & Culture, Commercial, Conservation, Health, Leisure, Masterplan

Wigan Life Centre

Creating a new town centre for Wigan.

The award winning Wigan Life Centre brings together all the council and public functions under one roof. 

Set within a conservation area we retained the façade of the Grade II listed municipal building.  This enabled us to build a new large library behind, creating a distinct contrast between old and new. The existing façade acts as a sun shade helping to reduce internal heat gain. 

Wrapping the office spaces around the swimming pool created a thermal buffer minimising the energy to heat the pool environment.  

Our masterplan created two new town squares now widely adopted by the people of Wigan as the new heart of the town.  This project was completed in collaboration with LCE architects. 



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Project Data:

Client: Wigan Council/Morgan Sindall
Location: Wigan
Area: 20178m²
Budget: £50M
Completion: December 2011
Scope: 0-7